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We offer advanced solutions in the areas of Business Intelligence by the strongest combination of products and knowledge to realize, with the goal continuity and growth of our customers, our company and our people.

Our strategy for the coming years aims to grow by deepening market and product development. Selecting and integrating existing products and technologies and developing customized solutions for our customers is a central issue.

Due to the growth of webbased applications there is a increase of webforms, we have finished a lot of webform projects lately. Refering to the basics in Business Intelligence, getting data and developing reports we have set up our newest online marketing business: Besolidair.
To maintain into business, a website has to adapt responsiveness and become a lifesite, data becomes not only from standard programms also websites develop data.

Our references:


Marie-Lise Pottier, Securex

Securex in Gent, Belgium. The Securex group is an important international actor in the social administration and human resources area. We deliver and maintain the Webfocus tool.


Woonbron – Dataware House.
For a housing company a Data Ware House has been designed and built that contains aggregated data from their production system. This allows for fulfilling the need for management information without burdening the production system during normal business hours. We have played an important role in creating these reports and have provided education, guidance and coaching to the employees of the company.



Rabobank – Management Information System
Designing and building a management information system involves a lot of aspects, especially when it concerns business critical and sensitive information. With many of these systems it is not precisely clear what the needs or requirements are; this customer is no exception to that rule. Many of the reports used in the system used are created by the division on the basis of requests from within the organization. Here we have played an important role with regard to providing the expertise and coaching of the staff. In addition, we built the more complex modules, including the realization of an integrated authorization system.

Developing webforms was our latest project.


OCE – Maintaince System
For this customer an existing maintenance system has been converted to the new web technology. The system is used worldwide to produce analysis of the maintenance of the company delivered and maintained equipment and to be able to better control the number and duration of the maintenance, use of parts, replacement strategy and the necessary man hours. The data for this system are supplied by each country in which the company is represented and converted into a central database. From this central database reports and analysis are interactively created. There are approximately 1500 users worldwide actively involved in using these analysis. The user created selections can be saved for later use.


Antares – Dataware House & Reports
For a housing company we designed and built a system that allows the user to retrieve data from their production system and turn it into information. In this case, the production system is not at the customer site, but is externally managed. The data from the production system will be delivered using a CD on a monthly basis. These data will be read and converted into a Data Ware House. The data are then available for one month to report from. To be able to provide even better management information, the Data Ware House is also supplemented with additional data.


DGB. In 2018 the Green Deal will be the Dutch governmental achievement to keep golfcourses free of chemical products for maintenance. We used Webfocus as a try out for reporting on “green” greens.
Developing webforms was a recent project and introducing an App for maintaining the data.


This cosy boutique hotel in downtown The Hague is located in 2 monumental buildings, dating from 1880. Hotel Mozaic The Hague combines first class service with a modern design. Located in the beautiful Archipel neighbourhood, close to the Denneweg in downtown the Hague and close to Scheveningen, Hotel Mozaic offers a trendy accommodation which includes a wide range of facilities. Free unlimited coffee, tea and WIFI is always included in your stay at Hotel Mozaic. Enjoy a lovely stay in a cosy and personal environment.


For almost 12 years we have designed, build up and maintained the website belonging to the oldest golfcourse in Holland.

The design of the golf course makes use of the naturally undulating dune landscape. Each hole offers a completely different view and a new and surprising challenge. Teeing off on the 18th gives the golfer a wonderful view of the clubhouse and terrace.


Golfcourse Rozenstein is the second golfcourse in Wassenaar next to the KHG&CC, a fine and interesting golfcourse with a parkland atmosphere.

Out of a disfunctional Joomla version we put the technology of WordPress in and redesigned the website with a very enthousiastic intern team.


Noaras a North-African restaurant for years settled in Amsterdam is a on going project, the website will have a totally different concept.



Golf staat nog steeds hoog op de ranglijst van prettige netwerkactiviteiten, door de goede relatie met de KHG&CC, Burggolf en Golfbaan Bentwoud organiseren wij jaarlijks klantendagen met of voor klanten.